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Kids in the Kitchen: Pan-Fried Trout and Baked Potatoes

In case anyone around here is keeping track, Brandan likes seafood. It’s his first choice for many of his meals. (Squid? Swordfish? Octopus? Brandan’s done it all!) So it comes as no surprise that he chose rainbow trout for this week’s dinner. Personally, I love rainbow trout. It’s a flavorful fish, and high in Omega-3s. It’s also fast-cooking, which made dinner tonight much easier. Along with a simple but delicious, baked potato, everyone was fed well; stress-free. The hardest part was watching the fish fry.

Brandan was indeed happy to go back for seconds (so was I) on the trout – it was tender and the skin was nice and crisp. Brittany wasn’t much for the fish (not to discredit it; she hasn’t happily eaten any fish for as long as I can remember), but she was extremely happy with her baked potato.

Because honestly, who wouldn’t be?

Pan-Fried Trout

½ t garlic powder

½ t onion powder

½ t paprika

¼ t chile powder

¼ t black pepper

½ t salt

1 1/2 – 2 lbs rainbow trout fillets

oil for shallow frying

Combine spices; sprinkle lightly over fish fillets. Heat a half-inch of oil in a cast iron skillet to medium heat. Add fish fillets (Brandan had to fry 1 fish at a time) and fry 2 minutes. Flip carefully and fry just until cooked through; about another minute or two. Remove and set on paper towels to drain. Repeat with remaining fillets.

Serves 4.

Baked Potatoes

(Not really a recipe, and not really anything ground-breaking. But sometimes, a simple baked potato can be heaven.)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Rub cleaned Idaho potatoes with a little olive oil and kosher salt. Skewer each potato (helps them cook more quickly) and place in the middle rack of the oven for 45 minutes or up to an hour – until the potato yields gently when pressed. Remove skewer, and cut into the potato. Top with butter, salt, and pepper. (Of course, you can also add sour cream, cheddar, chives, bacon, etc. I opted for simple here.)


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