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Menu Plan: Week of Aug 1 – Aug 5

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Yep, it’s that hot in Dallas this week. It’s been hot for a while. We have had 30 days in a row of 100+ degree weather. Today will be the 31st. No relief in sight, according to the weather forecast:

Yikes. Needless to say, there will not be any turning on of my oven for a few days. Dinners will be prepared on the stove, the grill, and in the crockpot. So even though we’re eating chili in August, I figure it works, since the crockpot puts out virtually no heat. (And chili is delicious any time of year!) Every little bit helps.


Breakfast: egg “muffins” – chopped zucchini and turkey chorizo with scrambled eggs, baked in a muffin tin (made these this weekend when the sun went down, so the house wasn’t too hot); steamed kale

Lunch: garden salad with leftover grilled chicken

Dinner: crockpot chili, spinach, slice of rosemary olive oil bread (from Life As A Plate – more info on this soon, as I’ve adopted AndreAnna this month for Adopt-A-Gluten-Free-Blogger!)

Snacks: bites of leftover grilled chicken, handful of hazelnuts


Breakfast: egg “muffins”, sauteed spinach

Lunch: crockpot chili, rosemary olive oil bread

Dinner: garden salad with grilled chicken (or alternatively, dinner out. I have a soccer game at 5:30. It’s indoor, thankfully.)

Snacks: homemade beef jerky, baby carrots


Breakfast: egg “muffins”, rosemary olive oil bread, sauteed spinach

Lunch: salad with grilled chicken or steak slices

Dinner: liver and onions, steamed spaghetti squash, steamed broccoli

Snacks: celery with almond butter, beef jerky


Breakfast: egg “muffins” and spinach

Lunch: leftover liver and onions and broccoli, or if no leftovers, tuna salad with celery sticks and baby carrots

Dinner: picadillo (making this again – gotta share this recipe soon!), guacamole, fresh homemade salsa, spaghetti squash

Snack: handful of hazelnuts, baby carrots


Breakfast: egg “muffins”, spinach or yellow squash

Lunch: leftover picadillo and guacamole

Dinner: paleo chicken strips (from Everyday Paleo – cooked in skillet), roasted potatoes, sauteed okra

Snacks: celery with almond butter


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Menu Plan – Week of July 25-29

The above picture has nothing to do with the menu plan for this week. This is a peanut butter brownie. I’ve been working on the recipe for a while now for my upcoming book, and after what feels like the 1,234,766 try (in actuality, it’s probably near a dozen), I think it’s ready to go. It’s dense, fudgy, and chock full of chocolatey and peanut buttery goodness. And they are gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free. (This is the plan for all of the recipes in the book – no gluten, no dairy, little or no refined sugar.) My coworkers are simultaneously cursing my name and cheering for my brownies today as they snack. I think I will be the one to blame for ruining their waistlines, unfortunately.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to balance these decadent treats coming from my kitchen with a lot of lighter, healthier fare in my menu. Lots of lean protein and veggies. It’s a good thing it’s summer and the fresh produce is plentiful, because every week, I stuff enough veggies into my fridge to completely fill the two veggie drawers, plus some of one of the shelves. The difference in the fridge between Saturday morning post-market visit and Friday night is astounding. I love it though – there’s nothing as delightful as cooking and eating a bounty of fresh vegetables.


Breakfast: scrambled egg whites with salsa, spinach, tomato, and chia seeds sprinkled over

Morning snack: honey peanut butter

Lunch: leftovers – bison meatballs with peach-ginger chutney sauce (another recipe test for the book!), sauteed eggplant, green beans, and red pepper, and spaghetti squash

Snack: beef jerky, carrots

Dinner: grilled teriyaki chicken over a garden salad


Breakfast: scrambled egg whites, leftover sauteed mixed veggies

Morning snack: frozen blueberries, Tanka bar

Lunch: grilled chicken over garden salad

Afternoon snack: pistachios

Dinner: venison picadillo, stuffed zucchini with beans, onion, and jalapeno, collard greens


Breakfast: smoothie with banana, blueberries, spinach, Sunwarrior protein powder

Morning snack: peanut butter with celery sticks

Lunch: out at business luncheon (hooray for uninventive gluten-free dairy-free lunch at a hotel…)

Afternoon snack: Tanka bar, plus there are single-serving Justin’s nut butters in my desk, in case lunch is not safe to eat and I’m still hungry

Dinner: Liver and onions (yes, we love liver!), roasted potatoes, roasted beets, and steamed green beans


Breakfast: smoothie with blueberries, cherries, coconut milk kefir and Sunwarrior protein powder

Morning snack: handful of almonds

Lunch: leftover picadillo, stuffed zucchini, and collard greens

Afternoon snack: baby carrots, celery, and a Tanka bar

Dinner: slow-roasted salmon, mashed sweet potatoes, and broccoli


Breakfast: scrambled egg whites, spinach, tomato, and salsa with chia seeds sprinkled on top

Morning snack: handful of almonds

Lunch: leftovers (if available) or sardine salad

Afternoon snack: frozen blueberries, Tanka bar

Dinner: honey-mustard grilled chicken breast, grilled yellow squash, brown rice (tenative – depends on what time my soccer game is!)

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Menu Plan – Short Week! July 5 – July 8

farm-fresh eggplant

This week seems so short because of the Independence Day holiday yesterday. It’s Tuesday already! But regardless, I wanted to share what little of a menu plan I had for this week. I’m trying to balance cooking healthy, tasty meals for the kids every night, and at the same time, take care of things like haircuts and soccer games (both of those are for me), and this coming weekend, a first birthday party for my twin nieces, held at my house. So there is also a lot of cleaning and preparation in store as well. Not to mention that pile of dishes that never seems to end. Lately, I’ve been asking myself how other working parents keep it all organized sometimes. I feel like I’m running in 10 different directions at once! (I realize this is a normal feeling…but that doesn’t seem to make it easier!)

Enough about my ramblings; onto the menu plan!
Breakfast: scrambled egg whites, leftover okra and tomatoes, green smoothie with spinach, banana, and vanilla protein powder
Lunch: spinach salad with grape tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, radishes, pepperocini peppers, roasted chicken breast, and hemp seeds, dressed with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Snack: green apple with peanut butter
Dinner: leftovers for me, the husband will make something for the kids (I have a hair appointment, then a soccer game)
Breakfast: scrambled egg whites with tomato and spinach, green smoothie with peach, spinach, vanilla protein powder
Lunch: Tuna, shredded carrots, and spinach in a brown rice tortilla
Snack: Peach and handful of almonds
Dinner: Chocolate Chicken Curry, brown rice, curried cauliflower, roasted carrots
Breakfast: scrambled egg whites with tomatoes and spinach (or leftover veggies), healthy chocolate zucchini muffin (recipe coming soon!)
Lunch: leftovers, or tuna with gluten-free crackers, cucumber salad
Snack: brown rice cake with peanut butter
Dinner: Grilled salmon, roasted sweet potatoes, steamed green beans
Breakfast: green smoothie with protein powder, spinach, blueberries, fried egg with spinach
Lunch: kinda up in the air. I will be home cleaning/cooking, so likely whatever is leftover in the fridge
Dinner: roast chicken with olive-raisin stuffing, roasted potatoes, zucchini casserole
What’s on your menu for this week?


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Menu Plan June 27-July 1, plus a Summer Squash Chicken Frittata

Where have the menu plans gone? You might be asking. They haven’t been posted on my blog for a few weeks now. Well, long story short, I was on vacation for 2 weeks. While I had vague ideas of what I planned on cooking, I was in the midst of testing so many recipes for my upcoming book, and our schedule was so lax, that I didn’t have an actual “plan.” (In fact, there were evenings where, after hours of cooking and testing recipes, my husband asked what was for dinner, and my only plan was something like “There are brownies, a cake, crackers, bread, some tomato jam, and I’m working on a meatloaf. Would you like any of that?”  I had tons of food around, but often, there wasn’t a cohesive meal in sight.) Last week, I was still in post-vacation recovery mode, and a lot of the meals were last-minute compilations of what we needed to use up. Finally, this week, we’re back into the swing of things.

One of the recipes I was testing during my time off was a recipe I debuted last year, albeit in a slightly different form, as an appetizer for a crowd of guests (gluten and dairy eaters) that were visiting. Originally it was called an “appetizer square”, and was made with zucchini and crumbled pork sausage, rather than summer squash and chicken. It obviously went over well, as the pieces were gobbled down fairly quickly. When I came across it again, I remembered the abundance of squash in the refrigerator, and decided to make a different version. It turned out to be even better than the first, in my opinion.

What’s lovely about a recipe like this is that it’s versatile. Zucchini or summer squash can be used – and this time of year, most of us have more of both of these veggies than we’d like, so it’s a great way to use it up! Any leftover cooked meat can be used – or even beana (I could imagine black beans tasting scrumptious here!). Spice it how you’d like. Serve it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as an appetizer. The sky is the limit here.

Summer Squash Chicken Frittata (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

½ c olive oil, divided

½ c diced onion

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 t minced fresh sage

½ lb diced cooked chicken

½ t ground cumin

1 t herbs de Provence

1 t chile powder

4 whole eggs

½ c almond flour

¼ c coconut flour

1 T baking powder

3 c grated summer squash or zucchini

½ c Daiya cheese (or other non-dairy cheese)

1 T nutritional yeast flakes

½ t salt

¼ t ground black pepper

Heat a skillet to medium heat and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Add onions to skillet and sauté for 3-4 minutes. Add garlic, sage, and chicken and sauté for another minute. Remove and allow to cool while you prepare the rest of the dish.

Grease a 13X9 baking dish and set aside. In a large bowl, whisk eggs until blended, and add the rest of the oil and whisk. Add in the flours, baking powder, onion-garlic-chicken mix, grated squash and remaining ingredients. Spread into prepared baking dish and bake for 20-25 minutes, or until browned on top and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Cool for 5 minutes and cut into squares. Makes 16 appetizer servings.

And now, for the menu for this week!


Breakfast: Healthy chocolate zucchini muffin, scrambled egg whites with spinach and tomato

Lunch: Roasted turkey breast, leftover veggies from Sunday dinner (grilled asparagus, green beans)

Dinner: Chicken with mole sauce, steamed brown rice, steamed broccoli


Breakfast: Smoothie with strawberries, spinach, protein powder, almond milk and chia seeds, scrambled egg whites with Daiya cheese

Lunch: Roasted turkey breast with baby carrots and steamed spinach, unless there are leftovers from dinner

Dinner: Garden salad, Meatballs


Breakfast: Healthy chocolate zucchini muffin, scrambled egg whites with spinach and tomatoes

Lunch: Garden salad with roasted turkey breast or tuna

Dinner: Brined pork chops, roasted sweet potatoes, steamed cauliflower and spinach


Breakfast: Smoothie with acai berry, protein powder, banana, spinach, and chia seeds, scrambled egg whites

Lunch: Tuna, shredded carrots, and spinach in a brown rice tortilla wrap

Dinner: Grilled salmon, okra and tomatoes, grilled potatoes


Breakfast: Healthy chocolate zucchini muffin, scrambled egg whites with spinach and tomatoes

Lunch: Creamy tomato tofu soup, gluten-free crackers

Dinner: Fried brown rice with shrimp, green beans

Snacks this week will include fresh peaches, black bean dip on brown rice cakes, and apples with peanut or almond butter. I also have Tanka bars on hand if I need a bit of protein.

Want more great menu ideas? Check out Celiacs In The House and the Gluten-Free Menu Swap!

This post is linked to Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays at Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free.


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Zucchini and Sun-Dried Tomato Casserole and Meal Plan May 30-June 3

Hope those of you here in the United States enjoyed a wonderful long weekend. I know we did…but it goes by so fast!

Here is another version of the squash casserole I made the other day. I can’t decide, honestly, whether I like this one better than the previous one – but they were both satisfying and delicious. This one had a lovely combination of sweetness from the sun-dried tomatoes and freshness from the herbs. It took some considerable self-control not to eat the entire casserole in one sitting. I even enjoyed some of the leftovers for breakfast. (Of course, I’m a big fan of just about any tasty leftovers for breakfast!)

This week’s meal plan is somewhat short, and not quite as organized as usual. We’re eating a lot of what’s already on hand – we have some meat in the freezer, a lot of swiss chard that I pulled from the garden today, and the pantry holds quite a few goodies. In addition, we have activities that aren’t allowing for much in the way of dinner preparation time. So while I’ve written down a few things, it’s mostly a chance for me to wing it a bit.


Breakfast: Teff and Millet Pancakes (I thought they were pretty tasty, but the family didn’t agree. Still trying to come up with a whole grain pancake recipe that everyone else likes!), fruit smoothies

Dinner: Shepherd’s Pie (made with slow-cooked shredded lamb shoulder), Sauteed Swiss Chard (without onion, but with a bit of carrot and celery)

Also making hard-boiled eggs and beef jerky for the coming week


Breakfast: leftover pancakes with nut butter, 1/2 banana, and maple syrup

Lunch: leftover shepherd’s pie, swiss chard

Dinner: grilled chicken on salad


Breakfast: gluten-free cornflakes with almond milk, raspberries, hard-boiled egg

Lunch: grilled chicken with salad

Dinner: Quinoa pizza with spinach or swiss chard


Breakfast: green smoothie with spinach, pineapple, and mint

Lunch: leftover pizza

Dinner: Lettuce wraps (made with turkey, and omitting oyster sauce, using gluten-free soy sauce)


Breakfast: gluten-free cornflakes with almond milk, banana, hard-boiled egg

Lunch: leftovers or egg or tuna salad sandwich with gluten-free bread, baby carrots, celery sticks

Dinner: the husband might be in charge of this one for the kids, as I have a soccer game during dinner time

Snacks include baby carrots, oranges, Tanka bars, and brown rice cakes


Alright, I’ve kept you long enough. Here’s the zucchini and sun-dried tomato casserole!

Zucchini and Sun-Dried Tomato Casserole

2 T olive oil

4 c sliced zucchini

1 t chopped fresh sage

1 T chopped fresh parsley

½ t chopped fresh thyme leaves

½ c soaked and chopped sun-dried tomatoes

½ t smoked paprika

Salt and pepper to taste

1 T ghee or olive oil

¼ c almond flour

½ c cheddar cheese alternative (I used Daiya)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease a casserole dish and set aside.

Heat a skillet to medium heat. Add olive oil and swirl to coat. Saute zucchini for about 8-10 minutes, or until softened. Add herbs and sun-dried tomatoes and continue to sauté for another minute. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Using a paper towel, squeeze the excess juice from the vegetables (otherwise, you’ll end up with a wetter casserole than you desire) Transfer the vegetables to the casserole dish. Top with Daiya cheese.

Melt the ghee in a small microwaveable bowl for 30-45 seconds. Combine ghee and almond flour along with a pinch of salt in a bowl. Blend together with a spoon until crumbly. Spread over the Daiya evenly.

Bake uncovered for 25-30 minutes.

This meal plan post is linked to Gluten-Free Menu Swap over at Celiacs In The House.

This post is linked to Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays at Simply Sugar and Gluten Free.


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Meal Plan May 22-May 27

We got our first CSA share for the season from SqueezePenny Farm this weekend, and I was excited! In true spring form, a good majority of our share was comprised of greens (collards, kale, spinach, swiss chard) but there were also some carrots, Thai basil, red leaf lettuce, snow peas, and a big turnip (and probably some other things I’m forgetting about as I write this). We will definitely make use of our bounty this week.

Still following the low-FODMAP diet. So far, not sure if this is really helping. Some symptoms are lessened, but not completely gone. But I’m only one week in – we shall see. If anyone wants to discuss in detail, feel free to email me and we can chat!

In other news, I spent a lot of time out in our flower beds this weekend. We have been in this house for nearly 5 years now, and we’ve made repeated attempts to improve the shrubs, plant various flowers and other things, only to be met with troubles and failures. The existing shrubs were overgrown when we moved in (the previous owners didn’t keep up with things very well), so no matter what we did, they looked shabby. The soil was unimproved, inpenetrable clay (which is typical in this part of Texas) that didn’t drain or provide any nutrients to the plants. When I would try to dig the soil to plant something (much less attempt to till by hand), I could put the shovel in the ground and put all of my weight into it, only to barely make a dent.

So this spring, we employed some help. We had a landscaping company help us remove nearly all of the existing shrubs and till and amend the soil, so there could be hope of planting new life. Meanwhile, I worked to educate myself on what plans would thrive in the heat of our summers and the unpredictability of our winters. (I’m really still a garden newbie) I drew up a basic plan, and this weekend, purchased and planted the entire flower beds. I planted knock-out roses, dwarf yaupon hollies, lamb’s ear, rosemary and lavender, moss rose, pencil hollies, coral honeysuckle, yucca, daylilies, Mexican petunias, and a butterfly bush. The plants all look like such babies now, but I hope that they will grow big and thrive in their new home. I still have a few things to do – mulch, there are a few places where I could add a plant or two, and we’re still debating what to do about the border – but overall, I’m happy and hopeful this new beginning is what our home needed. For now, I’m sporting a lovely sunburn on my shoulders and arms (but not on my neck or face, thanks to the dorky floppy hat I shamelessly wore – and chased down the lawn too many times, as it was really windy yesterday), thanks to my foolish lack of belief that even partially cloudy skies will still make for red skin. Spending this many years on Earth has not necessarily made me smarter!

For those of you who were interested in what was on the menu this week, here it is! Last week we stuck to the menu pretty closely, except that some bursts of last-minute creativity appeared in the kitchen, giving rise to a squash and chard casserole and a cucumber salad. I’ve given myself some wiggle room in this week’s plan as well, hoping similar creativity will show itself at the right time. I did enjoy the casserole from last week so much that I’m hoping to try a zucchini variation – I’ll share if it turns out well!


Breakfast – Breakfast taquitos for the kids and husband, fried egg and sauteed spinach for me 

Dinner – Was going to make something, and after 4+ hours of planting stuff in my front flower beds, husband offered to pick up Chipotle. I had a salad – just lettuce, carnitas, and the hot salsa. Topped with chopped tomatoes and red peppers I cut up myself.

Also made hard-boiled eggs, cream of buckwheat, and almond milk for the week


Breakfast: Cream of buckwheat with pecans and cinnamon, hard-boiled egg

Lunch: leftover lamb empanada (from my freezer – I will make again soon and share recipes!), baby carrots, steamed kale, kiwi fruit

Dinner: Creamy pasta shells with chicken, collard greens


Breakfast: Smoothie (half a banana, blueberries, mint, spinach), hard-boiled egg

Lunch: leftover creamy pasta, spinach salad

Dinner: Grilled chicken on salad of red-tip lettuce, radishes, snow peas, carrots, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, red bell pepper


Breakfast: Cream of buckwheat with pecans and banana, hard-boiled egg

Lunch: Salad with half-sandwich on gluten-free “rye” bread (recipe not quite perfect yet, but is based on this one, with the addition of caraway seeds and some other spices)

Dinner: Lamb chops, baked sweet potatoes, zucchini and sun-dried tomato casserole


Breakfast: Same smoothie as Tuesday, hard-boiled egg

Lunch: Chicken or tuna sandwich on “rye”, baby carrots and celery, possibly leftover casserole

Dinner: Fish tacos (tenative – might eat out or random leftovers, since we have errands to do before the holiday weekend)


Breakfast: Cream of buckwheat with blueberries

Lunch: Scrambled eggs and sauteed veggies

Dinner: Pizzas (mine with the quinoa crust) – use up leftover veggies as toppings

What about snacks? I plan on having oranges and blueberries around, as well as nuts, the occasional brown rice cake, and Tanka bars.


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FODMAPs and a Meal Plan

Ever since I happened upon some discussions over at Gluten-Free Goddess about FODMAPs, I’ve been studying up on them. (check out the various links within Karina’s post – lots of good talks about this.) I then found a book by Patsy Catsos called IBS–Free At Last. You see, like some others, despite going gluten-free, I still have some lingering digestive symptoms. I don’t usually like to talk about digestive symptoms here, because, after all, this is a blog filled with food and recipes. Most people don’t come here to talk about heartburn, gas, and bloating (or worse). But the reality is, many of us deal with these issues, and after reading about FODMAPs, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give this a try, to see if I could alleviate some of mine.

What are FODMAPs? FODMAPs stands for Fermentable Oligo-, Di- and Mono-saccharides, and Polyols. (Yeah, FODMAPs is easier to remember. Thankfully, someone invented acronyms.) FODMAPs include a lot of different kinds of carbohydrates. Basically, there are certain sugars and fibers in certain foods that are hard for some people to digest before it makes its way to the large intestine, where it wreaks all sorts of havoc. These foods can include some fruits, vegetables, milk, wheat, onions, garlic, beans, honey, high-fructose corn syrup, etc. Patsy goes into a bit more detail here, and in even more detail in her book.

So if these might be causing digestive issues, what is the solution? Basically, to take them out of your diet for a while, and then reintroduce them in a systematic manner, taking notes about how you feel throughout the process. I spent this week understanding how to accomplish this. Patsy makes it really simple – she gives you sample meal plans and lists of allowed foods. She even tells you to cross out those foods you can’t eat for other reasons (for me, of course, anything containing gluten or dairy is off-limits). Of course, I can’t do anything exactly by the book, so I set off to make my own meal plans, following the guidelines of allowed foods. Once I got started, it was a lot easier than I originally thought. At first, I felt a bit overwhelmed, I’ll admit. “No onions, no garlic, no avocados? How will I survive?” But after seeing the meal plans and realizing that this wasn’t far off from what I normally can eat, I came back to my senses and forged ahead. I typically plan meals a week at a time anyway, but this took some additional thought with the new guidelines. I’m sure next week will be even simpler.

Wanna know what I will be eating for the next week? Here is the basic plan. The actual days meals are eaten may vary, as they typically do. All in all, it’s not much different than what I usually make – it was simply a matter of swapping out certain vegetables and fruits for ones that are allowed. But here’s the jist:


Dinner: Roasted Chicken, Steamed Beets, Baked Sweet Potatoes, Sauteed Yellow Squash (making extra chicken for later in the week)

(I also plan to hard-boil eggs for the week, make cream of buckwheat for breakfasts, and possibly other snacks to pack in our lunches)


Breakfast: cream of buckwheat with nuts, hard-boiled egg

Lunch: spinach salad with leftover beets, carrots, tomato, cucumber, radish, and chicken

Snacks: Rice cakes, blueberries

Dinner: Slow Roasted Salmon (sans onions) with Brown Rice and Steamed Kale (or whatever greens look good at the market)


Breakfast: smoothie with carrots, spinach, 1/2 banana, stevia, lots of cinnamon, and hard-boiled egg

Lunch: Tuna salad with Mary’s Gone Crackers, carrots and cherry tomatoes

Snack: handful of nuts

Dinner: Grilled chicken on salad (kinda winging it based on what salad stuff I have left)


Breakfast: Cream of buckwheat with nuts or berries, hard-boiled egg

Lunch: zucchini “noodles” with a peanut sauce (kind of like Ricki’s Pad Thai, adapted for my needs)

Snack: nuts, carrots, or rice cake

Dinner: Cajun sausage pasta with “cream” sauce, zucchini (this will be an experiment!)


Breakfast: same smoothie as Tuesday, hard-boiled egg

Lunch: leftovers

Snack: celery sticks with peanut butter

Dinner: Chicken Tacos/Salad with rice (using leftover chicken – since it will be a few days, I’ll probably freeze it Sunday and thaw for this meal)


Breakfast: GF oats with 1/2 banana, tablespoon of pumpkin seeds, cinnamon

Lunch: Spinach salad with tuna or chicken, cucumbers, carrots, tomato

Snack: Rice cakes with peanut butter

Dinner: Balsamic dijon pork tenderloin over polenta with roasted carrots

That’s it! We’ll see how close the actual meals come to that, but regardless, I’m crossing my fingers to see if those pesky “issues” improve.

Tell me – what do you think about seeing a meal plan from Tasty Eats At Home, regardless of whether it’s FODMAPs related or not? Is this beneficial for you? Would you like to see my meal plans every week? And if you have input about the FODMAPs diet, I’d love to hear it.

Also, there’s only a few hours left to enter for your chance to win a copy of Good Morning! Breakfasts without Gluten, Sugar, Eggs or Dairy by Ricki Heller! Check it out now and enter if you haven’t already. Giveaway ends tomorrow, Saturday, May 14, 2011.


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