Easy Canvas Prints – It’s Time to Decorate!

I have a problem. I take a lot of photos. Mostly of food (duh), but I also have lots of photos of family. Where do I keep them all? On my hard drive. Where no one can see them. Sure, sometimes, they’re uploaded on Facebook, but that’s not exactly the best use of some of my favorite photos.  So when I recently received a complimentary canvas print for review from EasyCanvasPrints.com, I was pretty excited. I opted to have one of my photos printed on canvas to decorate our kitchen. (I chose the photo used for these Lemon Earl Grey Cookies I made earlier this year.) I’ve been meaning to hang some of my photos around the house, and this gave me the kick-start I needed.

Just check out this canvas. It has wonderful quality – it looks so professional, and you can choose to have the photo wrapped around the sides of the canvas, or have a solid edging in any color you wish. I was so impressed with this canvas. It’s now hanging on a small wall in my kitchen, so every time I walk in, I can admire it.

My canvas on my wall!

I also love that this company is (somewhat) local to me – they’re based out of Austin, Texas. Texans gotta stick together!

This would be a great opportunity for you to clean out that hard drive (c’mon, I know you have more than a few photos just knocking around on there) and be proud of your favorite photos. It’s easy to do. It’s also a great idea for a gift. Have photos of your children? Grandma would LOVE to have them on a canvas print! The possibilities are endless. Me? I’m contemplating taking some amazing photos the next time we travel, and blowing up my favorite one to hang on our wall. That way, we can be reminded of a great time every day.


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2 responses to “Easy Canvas Prints – It’s Time to Decorate!

  1. Too late on cleaning my hard drive … I found out on Monday that I somehow deleted almost all my photos on my laptop (which I’ve had since December). Have no idea how I did it. Only have a few left on my desktop. 😦 But love your canvas photo! A friend is a photo buff and has had a lot of hers put on canvas. They’re beautiful!


  2. GREAT find! Love the look and a perfect photo to start off with! OK, now I need to cull through mine and see what I can do! Thanks so much.

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