Menu Plan – Short Week! July 5 – July 8

farm-fresh eggplant

This week seems so short because of the Independence Day holiday yesterday. It’s Tuesday already! But regardless, I wanted to share what little of a menu plan I had for this week. I’m trying to balance cooking healthy, tasty meals for the kids every night, and at the same time, take care of things like haircuts and soccer games (both of those are for me), and this coming weekend, a first birthday party for my twin nieces, held at my house. So there is also a lot of cleaning and preparation in store as well. Not to mention that pile of dishes that never seems to end. Lately, I’ve been asking myself how other working parents keep it all organized sometimes. I feel like I’m running in 10 different directions at once! (I realize this is a normal feeling…but that doesn’t seem to make it easier!)

Enough about my ramblings; onto the menu plan!
Breakfast: scrambled egg whites, leftover okra and tomatoes, green smoothie with spinach, banana, and vanilla protein powder
Lunch: spinach salad with grape tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, radishes, pepperocini peppers, roasted chicken breast, and hemp seeds, dressed with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Snack: green apple with peanut butter
Dinner: leftovers for me, the husband will make something for the kids (I have a hair appointment, then a soccer game)
Breakfast: scrambled egg whites with tomato and spinach, green smoothie with peach, spinach, vanilla protein powder
Lunch: Tuna, shredded carrots, and spinach in a brown rice tortilla
Snack: Peach and handful of almonds
Dinner: Chocolate Chicken Curry, brown rice, curried cauliflower, roasted carrots
Breakfast: scrambled egg whites with tomatoes and spinach (or leftover veggies), healthy chocolate zucchini muffin (recipe coming soon!)
Lunch: leftovers, or tuna with gluten-free crackers, cucumber salad
Snack: brown rice cake with peanut butter
Dinner: Grilled salmon, roasted sweet potatoes, steamed green beans
Breakfast: green smoothie with protein powder, spinach, blueberries, fried egg with spinach
Lunch: kinda up in the air. I will be home cleaning/cooking, so likely whatever is leftover in the fridge
Dinner: roast chicken with olive-raisin stuffing, roasted potatoes, zucchini casserole
What’s on your menu for this week?


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4 responses to “Menu Plan – Short Week! July 5 – July 8

  1. I’m inspired by your planning! I have no menu plan…I’m more of a…what looks good and what’s in my fridge type of in-the-moment planner. It’s not very effective! But…since Joe and I are on different schedules, we rarely eat together, so I’m only planning for one—it’s not as necessary as planning for a whole family!
    I’m still inspired to do better though 🙂

  2. That all sounds healthy and delicious! And so organized – I just plan day by day!

  3. mae_mae

    I love your blogs! I really need all the help I can got to cook healthy meals, and I prefer sticking to a gluten/ dairy free meal plan as much as possible. Thanks so much for your fresh ideas, and please – keep them coming!

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