Gluten-Free Holiday: Christmas and Hanukkah Favorites – Tamales

It’s week 4 of Gluten-Free Holiday and this week’s theme is Christmas and Hanukkah Favorites – specifically, entrees and side dishes. Hanukkah is already in full swing, and Christmas is just weeks away. Diane over at The W.H.O.L.E. Gang is hosting this week, and is sharing this amazing recipe for chipolatas. Seriously, they make my mouth water just looking at them. And of course, in our Gluten-Free Holiday style, there are more amazing gluten-free cookbooks to win.

One copy of Gluten-Free Girl: How I Found The Food That Loves Me Back…And You Can Too by Shauna James Ahern.

And one copy of Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef, also by Shauna James Ahern and Daniel Ahern.

One copy of Sweet Freedom by Ricki Heller,

And three e-book trios, each including one copy of Sweet Freedom, one copy of Desserts Without Compromise, and one copy of Anti-Candida Feast Ebook, all by Ricki Heller of Diet, Dessert and Dogs.

My submission for this week’s theme is something that I look forward to every holiday season – tamales. While I don’t always make my own, I have found that they’re not all that difficult to make. (They are time-consuming, however.) But it’s great fun, and you’ll be rewarded with a lovely, spicy, flavorful treat.

Many times, we will get together with my husband’s side of the family on Christmas Eve. Rather than a fancy, sit-down Christmas dinner, we instead enjoy a casual, but generous spread of various snack foods, ranging from the ever-famous cheese dip to cookies and cake. In the past few years, we’ve brought tamales to our celebration, and they’re always a huge hit. With a bit of salsa, bottled hot sauce, or even unadorned, they are the perfect way to ring in the season. I highly suggest you try to make tamales once – it’s a fun experience, and you’ll be rewarded with delicious treats and smiles from all.

Read my tamales recipe here. And don’t forget to visit The W.H.O.L.E. Gang and link up your favorite recipes for Christmas and Hanukkah entrees or side dishes, and enter for a chance to win some amazing cookbooks!


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5 responses to “Gluten-Free Holiday: Christmas and Hanukkah Favorites – Tamales

  1. You’ve totally got me with this post (haven’t linked over to the recipe yet, but will shortly)! I LOVE tamales and they are so Holiday-is in my opinion. Especially if you top them with homemade red chile sauce (of which I happen to have right now). You’ve inspired me to make some tamales. And I agree, casual on Christmas Eve is so much more fun. Good one, Alta!

    Off to snag the recipe. =)

  2. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to make my own tamales. This just may be the year for it! WOW!!!! Love it!

  3. Wonderful, Alta! I would love to try these tamales. 🙂

    We have exactly the same type of Christmas Eve gathering with my family. I’m hosting this year, but it should be easy enough. Mostly it will be old favorites with perhaps a new recipe or two thrown in. 😉 It will be here before we know it!


  4. I’ve always wanted to experience the holidays in your part of the country. Tamales at Christmas would certainly taste like it if I can’t travel that far this year. We always spend a casual before Christmas evening with my brother and his family because he has to be at his in-laws for Christmas day. It’s actually rather nice and more relaxed that way.

  5. Alta you are amazing! I’ve always wanted to make tamales, but they seem like one of those unattainable things.

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