Moist and Herb-y Turkey Burgers

Lately, we have been focusing on lighter, healthier fare. Why? Well, why not? For one, the weather (The forecasted high temperature today is 106 degrees!) begs us to leave the oven off and keep the kitchen cool. The sooner I can turn off the stove (if I turn it on at all) and get dinner on the table, the less the air conditioning has to work. In addition, we would like to not have to work so hard at keeping our waistlines from expanding. Salads are great, but we can not live by salad alone. This is where burgers come in.

But in keeping with the lighter, healthier fare, (and because ground turkey was on sale) I opted for turkey burgers. Now, I have made many a burger in my lifetime. Turkey burgers, however? I’m not as experienced. I was worried that my burger would end up dry and bland. I knew I wanted to throw in a lot of herbs to boost the flavor without added fat (and because the garden is overflowing right now with herbs!). As for the remedy to a dry patty, I turned to Amy at Simply Sugar and Gluten Free. Amy participated in a burger contest last year (she was a finalist!), so I knew she was a great source of information. I found a turkey burger recipe on her site, and found the secret – mushrooms. I had mushrooms in the fridge, and so I took a cue from her and threw them in the food processor. In addition, I remembered that I’ve used almond flour as a bread crumb replacement in meatballs and meatloaf in the past, and it always boosted the moisture when compared to other “breadcrumbs”. I played with the flavors a bit, and hoped my herb-y turkey burgers would come out well.

The result? These burgers are on the regular meal rotation! The husband raved about them – and when you can get my husband to enjoy turkey burgers, and not simply rate them as “okay, for turkey burgers” (and secretly wish they were beef), then it’s a recipe worth repeating. They were moist, with just the right amount of fresh herbs, and plenty of flavor from the cumin and dijon mustard. I even splurged and enjoyed mine on a Kinnikinnick bun. (Yes, Tasty Eats At Home sometimes buys pre-made buns. See reasons to keep kitchen cool above.) It was mighty tasty.

Herbed Turkey Burgers

About 6 oz mushrooms, processed until finely chopped in food processor (about 1/4 c)

1 lb ground turkey

1/2 c almond meal/flour

1 egg

1 T flaxseed meal

1 T chopped fresh parsley

2 sage leaves, chopped

1/2 t chopped fresh thyme (I used lemon thyme)

1/2 t chopped fresh rosemary

1 t dijon mustard

1/2 t ground cumin

2-3 T olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

In a large bowl, gently mix the mushrooms, ground turkey, and the rest of the ingredients together. (I do this with my hands.) Heat a skillet to medium heat and add a bit of the olive oil. Pinch a small, marble-sized ball of the burger mixture and place it in the skillet. Brown on each side until cooked through, and taste. Adjust seasonings to the rest of the mixture as needed. (This is a great way to ensure you don’t make a bunch of bland patties – I do this for meatballs and meatloaf as well.) Form into 4 patties.

Add additional oil to the skillet. (Alternatively, you can use a grill pan or even your grill outdoors. If grilling outdoors, you might opt for a grilling basket for burgers, as these burgers are more fragile than beef burgers and more apt to fall apart. You might also try freezing them for 30 minutes before grilling to keep them together.) Place the skillet and cook for about 5 minutes per side, until browned. Check the internal temperature of the burgers, and cook until the center reaches 165 degrees F. (You might choose to put a lid over the skillet and turn the temperature down to allow the burgers to cook through.) Remove and allow to rest for 5 minutes.

Place on a gluten-free hamburger bun (or go bunless!) and top with desired condiments and toppings. I opted for dijon mustard, soy-free mayonnaise, lettuce, onion, and tomato. If you opted to go bunless, then this patty would taste delicious on top of field greens and tomatoes, with a bit of balsamic vinaigrette or honey mustard dressing.


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24 responses to “Moist and Herb-y Turkey Burgers

  1. First, you are a little too kind. And, your burger looks fantastic!!! I’m hungry just looking at it. My husband won’t eat red meat so turkey burgers are standard fare around here. I always eat mine bunless because I’ve never made a burger bun in my life and I don’t buy them either.

    I should follow your lead and buy some. My thoughts on everything homemade – it’s exhausting and a lofty goal. I have a life, too, and am ever so happy to have some help in the kitchen, especially when there’s no effort required on my part.

  2. Boy that looks good! I have ground turkey at home right now! Thinking this may be dinner 🙂

  3. I love turkey burgers, and I love mushrooms, so why not combine them? In fact, I think I’ll make these next week!

  4. Can you believe the heat?? This sure helps. Love turkey burgers and yours has so much flavor.

  5. lighter and healthier food is always a plus in my book! i love making burgers using ground turkey… its nice to eat something less greasy! the dijon mustard sounds like a great ingredient to include. i’ll try that next time!

  6. Burger sounds just perfect for this kind of heaty weather. I think in an addition of a glass of icy cold lemonade… even fantastic! Hope you’re having a icy COOL day!
    Cheers, kristy

  7. I like the addition of the almond flour, too!

  8. That is one beautiful burger. It is making me hungry. I rarely meat and it does not appeal to me but your burger does.

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  10. That looks super yummy!! Are those buns gluten free? Did you make those? Beautiful!

  11. Duh… just read through your whole post.. I know what you mean about buying your buns… sometimes you just NEED the convenience! When I don’t feel like making bread, but I want it the only kind available where I live is the Food for Life Brown rice Bread. It’s become an old friend now… and sometimes I have to buy it just because! lol…

  12. Always looking for a way to spice up ground turkey. Love the addition of the almond meal.

  13. Kim

    This looks awesome!! I love turkey burgers, so this is next on my list to try!


  14. Wow mushrooms, who would’ve thought? The almond flour adds a nice flavor, too, I’m sure. Turkey burgers are a regular around here, too. I need to try your creation!

  15. Those look absolutely delicious! Now I want to go out and buy some ground turkey! And I was wondering what kind of buns those were…I’ve never had the Kinnickinnick (sp.?) ones.

  16. Love Turkey Burgers I love the thought of putting mushrooms in them…May have to try this.

  17. poor turkey burgers get such a bad wrap, and i don’t eat beef, so for me turkey burgers are #1. i’m always looking for new recipes, and this one looks fantastic!

  18. I just got back from 5 weeks in the Adirondacks and am now back into the 100 degree heat at home. It was like leaving the planet for a while…a place you actually enjoy being outside all day.
    These burgers get a nice boost with the almond flour and flax seeds. Love the mushrooms too!
    Stay cool~

  19. I really like this recie! I’ve never thought of adding almond meal to the burgers. I am ALWAYS looking for different ways to use ground turkey (hubs swears there is nothing you can do to ground turkey to make it taste good…LOL)

  20. I’ve never made turkey burgers before, but when I do I’ll include mushrooms and almond flour for sure and look to you and Amy for your recipes. 🙂 That burger looks absolutely scrumptious, Alta!


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  22. This looks really good. I will have to try this recipe out this weekend. yay! can’t wait

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