We Have Met The Enemy and He Likes Parsley

When watering the garden this evening, I discovered an invader. My parsley hasn’t been thriving as well as it did last year, and this guy is to blame. (Well, he and his brothers/sisters.) He (or she) is the third caterpillar I’ve plucked from my garden, and by far the largest – about two inches long. After we enjoyed a photo shoot, I moved him far away from my garden. As much I know that he’ll one day become a beautiful butterfly (He is a black swallowtail caterpillar), I would prefer that doesn’t happen at the expense of my garden. Quite a gorgeous caterpillar though – I’m used to the boring green ones, so I was a bit excited to find him!


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12 responses to “We Have Met The Enemy and He Likes Parsley

  1. Beautiful shot Alta! He goes perfectly with my butterfly: http://www.adventuresofaglutenfreemom.com/2010/06/butterfly/

  2. Tough choice – lose your parsley or lose a Swallowtail. Better you than me ;-). No beautiful predators in my garden yet. Except the Bermuda grass that wants to take over… grrrr.

  3. Beautiful shot Alta!! Now get rid of him, lol!!

  4. amy dorsey

    Hey, great pic!

  5. What a lovely little fellow. I need to water more closely, that might be why my parsley is so thin . . .

  6. Alta – they ate all of my parsley last year!!! I’m not kidding. It didn’t matter what I did. Obviously, I didn’t poison them with chemical. I tried moving them, but it seemed they came back in swarms. I had at least twelve of them.

    I resigned myself to just buying parsley at the store and enjoyed watching the little guys munch away. They became our little outdoor pets.

  7. Love the title and he is beautiful! Perhaps he should be put in one of those screen houses in confinement until after parsley season. 😉


  8. A gorgeous caterpillar, am sure he/ she’ll be a beautiful butterfly. Its a pity it ate your parsley but at least you got a lovely picture for it. 🙂

  9. Nice! I have a love/hate relationship with the caterpillars too. I haven’t seen this guy on my parsley yet luckily. Last year we had so many tomato hornworm caterpillars, which turn into hummingbird moths. And I like watching the hummingbird moths. But about halfway through the summer I got sick of them eating my tomatoes and started tossing the caterpillars to my chickens – it comforted me a little bit to know their death was providing good protein for the girls and ultimately me with their eggs. So goes the circle of life!

  10. This is quite a beautiful bugger. I’ve heard that if you mist 1 part milk to 9 parts water onto your plants it may deter aphids, I wonder if this will work for caterpillars too.

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