Kids in the Kitchen: Sausage and Biscuits

When Matt mentioned that he wanted to make sausage biscuits this weekend, my heart smiled. As I’ve gravitated more towards whole, natural foods, I stopped enjoying those corn syrup-laden, processed breakfast sausages that are available in the stores. (I know, I know, I could make my own, and I probably will some day, but corners have to be cut somewhere, sometimes!) But since I discovered Truth Hill Farm and their natural hot breakfast sausage, with no corn syrup, nitrites, or MSG,  I’m in love with sausage once again. I was glad Matt chose this breakfast option!

We made the biscuit recipe I’ve posted previously, subbing Pamela’s Pancake and Baking Mix for the gluten-free flours and of course, omitting the chives. We also used some lovely raw, whole milk from Lucky Layla farms – I am so glad to have raw milk available to me! I wish it was more widely available (like most of the States, it is only legal to sell raw milk on the farm property), but I am fortunate that the farm is only a brief detour on my way home from the office. Over the years, I’ve become less and less of a milk drinker. It just didn’t taste all that good to me, and while I’m not lactose intolerant, it just never made me feel “good”. But this stuff? It’s like liquid gold – creamy, sweet, and satisfying – and it is nourishing. (If you’re interested in finding a source of raw milk near you, and also learning more about the benefits of raw milk, check out

Anyway, back to the sausage and biscuits. I did make one minor error – I did not reduce the baking powder to compensate for leavening already in the Pamela’s mix. Whoops. They expanded and spread a bit more than we wanted, so a sausage biscuit sandwich wasn’t attainable. No matter – they still tasted light and flaky, and we still enjoyed them just the same! (I do need to nail down something besides a drop biscuit for sandwich-type situations, though.)

Check out the recipe for the biscuits here. Serve with your favorite sausage, and wash it all down with a glass of milk.


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18 responses to “Kids in the Kitchen: Sausage and Biscuits

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  2. I’ll have to see if there’s a farm nearby that sells raw milk. I will admit that I have never tasted unprocessed milk. Well done on this tasty looking breakfast, Matt.

  3. Growing up, my mom use to make us those frozen sausage and biscuit meals…these look so so much better!

  4. Yummy Alta! This reminds me, I need to find a good GF Country Gravy recipe, do you happen to have one? 🙂

    My husband is from Texas and would be over the moon for Biscuits and Gravy and Country Fried Steak again, LOL!

    I have seen the Raw Milk at my local Whole Foods, but never purchased it before. It has been stuck in my head since being pregnant to stay away from unpasteurized milk products. I think I will now give this a try! How does it compare to Organic Skim Milk, taste and texture wise? Is it really thick and heavy?

  5. This looks like a great breakfast, it would be great to start the day with this sausage and biscuits.

  6. Love the gluten-free biscuits-must make them sometime!

  7. Sounds delicious! I grew up on Biscuits and Gravy from Bob Evan’s restaurant after church every Sunday! Needless to say, I can’t eat those anymore. Plus my husband is a vegetarian. But he wouldn’t mind if one day I made some biscuits and gravy just for me! So I’m with Heidi – anyone have a great gravy recipe?

  8. Nice! This combo would be perfect for me. I confess that I always hated the sausage gravy anyway. LOL But, sausage and a biscuit–yes! I haven’t tried raw cow’s milk yet and won’t now that I’m doing my darndest to eat dairy free. I have used raw goat’s milk in lots of things, especially ice cream, and very much appreciated that.


  9. I came over from Greg’s site to say hi! Love your adorable site and will be back.

  10. Exactly what we had for breakfast, but the quick, RV traveling kind and not the goodness you describe here. Maybe I will get more industrious . . . later. LOL!

  11. Just checked out the site for Lucky Layla farms and I wish I was close enough to be able to go there! You are very lucky that you can stop by the farm and get whole milk from such a fresh and respected source!

  12. Good to find one without nitrates!! Cuz breakfast sausage is so good.

  13. The biscuit sounds great!

  14. that sure does look delicious! You kids come up with the most tastiest stuff!

  15. I love sausage and biscuits. I’m with you on the sausage. It would be nice to make my own, but buying it is one of those shortcuts I choose to make.

  16. Cooking together in the kitchen –great way to start the day. 🙂

  17. TEAH…thanks for sharing yet another fantastic recipe. I would like to make this gluten free biscuits for my friend who has allergies to gluten products. Thanks 🙂

  18. Ooh, those biscuits are jumping off the page. They look great!

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